Thirty Meter Telescope-MICHI and China: A workshop on thermal-IR astronomy

On July 16, 2018, a workshop about TMT-MICHI was held in National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (NAOC), Beijing.  
MICHI stands for Mid-IR Camera, High-disperser & IFU spectrograph. This workshop focused on ground-based thermal-IR science that can be done now and the science cases for building a thermal-IR instrument for TMT, harnessing expertise across the TMT partnership.  At this workshop, scientists and engineers discussed the goals and requirements of a thermal-IR instrument from the Chinese TMT community and discuss how our cross-TMT partnership can be leveraged into collaborations to pursue science goals now on existing instruments.  
Prof. Chris Packham (UTSA & NAOJ), Mitsuhiko Honda (Kurume University, Japan), Prof. Gregory Herczeg (PKU, China), Prof. Lei Hao (SHAO, China), TMT-China office and about 20 other Chinese Astronomers and engineers attended the meeting.
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