Final Review of the 2014-2015 WFOS-MOBIE Mini-Studies


The Wide Field Optical Spectrograph (WFOS) is one of the three first-light observing capabilities selected by the TMT Science Advisory Committee. The Multi-Object Broadband Imaging Echellette (MOBIE) instrument design concept has been developed to address the WFOS requirements as described in the TMT Science-Based Requirements Document. As the name implies, WFOS-MOBIE is a seeing-limited, wide-field imaging multi-object echellette spectrograph. WFOS-MOBIE can directly image or create low (R = ~1000) to medium-resolution (R = ~8,000) spectra in two color channels simultaneously, spanning 310-550nm and 500-1100nm passbands respectively. WFOS-MOBIE views a rectangular field of approximately 3.0 arcmin x 8.3 arcmin resulting in a field area of 24.9 square arcminutes, and a total slit length of 500 arcsec.
The TMT partnership has been engaged in an effort to form a full WFOS team through an international workshare development process. A key step in this process was the submission of Expressions of Interest (EoIs) from various groups that are interested in contributing to the design and construction of WFOS. The institutions submitting these EoIs have been grouped into twelve “mini-study” teams to further investigate the most important aspects and subsystems of the instrument. The goals of these mini-studies were (i) to familiarize the teams with both the elements of WFOS-MOBIE and the TMT standards for instrument design studies, and also (ii) address a range of both technical and cost/schedule questions to support further progress on the WFOS-MOBIE design cheap viagra online uk.
This review is being held to assess the results of the WFOS-MOBIE mini-studies. These results include technical designs, engineering and performance analyses, cost/schedule estimates and management plans that may have a significant impact on the future development of WFOS. A second objective is to determine which teams have demonstrated a level of technical and management expertise consistent with what is required to be a successful partner in the WFOS team. Team members should be ready to “take ownership” of their contributions in terms of technical designs, performance requirements, error budgets, and schedule and cost estimates before proceeding further. A summary of the results of the meeting, including the recommendations from the review panel, will be presented to the TMT Instrumentation Department Head and, in turn, to the TMT Project Manager by the Decision Making Authority (Luc Simard). The TMT Project Manager will accept or augment the findings and recommendations and will seek the advice of the TMT SAC. The TMT Project Manager will report the process and results to the TMT Board seeking guidance as necessary.

Meeting website could be accessed here.



Day 1 – Tuesday April 14th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:00 Welcome and Introductions (Simard)
08:05 Objectives, Organization, Schedule (Simard)
08:15 Overview of WFOS-MOBIE (Radovan)
08:45 OPT/STL Mini-study - "End to end optical design and stray light" (Konidaris)
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 CAM Mini-study - "Spectrograph Camera Systems" (Ozaki)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 SYS Mini-study - "Instrument Modelling" (Radovan/Mahesh/Daxu)
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 MOT Mini-study"Motion Controllers" (Parihar/Lanclos/Yamada)
18:15 Adjourn Day 1
Day 2 - Wednesday April 15th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:30 MCS Mini-study - "Metrology, Calibrations and Simulations" (Faber/Thirupathi)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 ADC Mini-study - "Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector" (Chao)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 WGS Mini-study - "Acquisition, Guiding and Wavefront Sensing" (Zhu/Subramanian) viagra over the counter
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 MEX Mini-study - "Mask Exchanger System" (Zhou/Wang)
18:00 Adjourn
19:30 Review Dinner
Day 3 - Thursday April 16th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:30 COL Mini-study - "Off-Axis Collimator Mirror" (Ji)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 FOS Mini-study - "Folding Optical System" (He/Liu)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 GEX Mini-study - "Grating Exchange System" (Zhang/Ratliff)
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 DET Mini-study - "Science Detectors" (Onaka/Song)
18:00 Adjourn
Day 4 - Friday April 17th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:30 Close-out discussion with review panel
11:30 Verbal de-brief
12:30 End of review






  • lan McLean (UCLA, Chair of the review panel)
  • Chris Evans(UK ATC)
  • Scott Roberts(TMT)
  • Fumihide Iwamuro (Kyoto)
  • Abhijit Chakraborty (PRL)
  • Judy Cohen (CIT)
  • Anna Moore (CIT)
  • Naruhisa Takato (Subaru Telescope)
  • Jerry Nelson (TMT Project Scientist, Video)
  • Gary Sanders (TMT Project Manager)
  • Mike Bolte (UCSC)
  • Claire Max (UCO)
  • Alan Tokunaga (University of Hawaii, video)
  • Chris Ratliff (UCO, Video)
  • Adam Contos (Ball Aerospace)
  • Peter Onaka (University of Hawaii)
  • Sandy Faber ( UCSC) 

  • Ravinder Bhatia (TMT Associate Project Manager, Video)

  • Luc Simard (TMT Instrumentation Group Leader)

  • Brent Ellerbroek (TMT Instrumentation Department  Leader)

  • Matt Radovan (MOBIE)

  • Masanori Iye (TMT-J)

  • Shinobu Ozaki (TMT-J)

  • Satoshi Miyazaki (TMT-J)

  • Tomonori Usuda (TMT-J, Video)

  • Hideki Takami (TMT-J, Video)

  • Terada Hiroshi (TMT-J, Video)

  • Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA, Video)

  • Annapurni Subramaniam (India Institute of Astrophysics)

  • Xue Suijian (NAOC, TMT-China Project Manager)
  • Mao Shude (NAOC, TMT-China Project Scientist)
  • Wei Mingzhi (NAOC)
  • Jiang Aimin (NAOC)
  • Song Qian (NAOC)
  • Shen Zhixia (NAOC)
  • Feng Lu (NAOC)
  • Li Yangpeng (NAOC)
  • Wang Yiping (NAOC)
  • Li Zhiping (NAOC)
  • Wang Hongchi (PMO)
  • Zheng Xianzhong (PMO)
  • Chang Liang (YNAO)
  • Hu Zhongwen (NIAOT)
  • Wang Lei(NIAOT)
  • Ji Hangxin(NIAOT)
  • Hou YongHui(NIAOT)
  • Zhu Qingfeng (USTC)
  • Wang Jianping (USTC)
  • Hu Hongzhuan (USTC)
  • Zhai Chao (USTC)
  • Chu Jiaru (USTC)
  • Wang Jian (USTC)
  • Wang Qiuping (USTC)
  • Qiu Keqiang(USTC)
  • Liu Zhengkun(USTC)
  • Du Xuewei(USTC)
  • Fang Taotao (Xiamen Univ.)
  • Zhang Jianhuan(Xiamen Univ.)
  • Yang Huaidong (Tsinghua Univ.)
  • Liu Liqiang (TIPC)
  • Cui Jicheng (CIOMP)
  • Fan Bin (IOE)
  • Fan Xinlong (IOE)
  • Yan Fengtao (IOE)
  • Chen Zhiping (Hangzhou Dianzi Univ.)
  • Fu Yutian (SITP)
  • Xu Chun (SITP)
  • He Hongbo (SIOM)
  • Xu Xueke (SIOM)
  • Qi Hongji (SIOM)
  • Liu Shijie (SIOM)
  • Yi Kui (SIOM)
  • Song Zhensen(SJTU)
  • Ouyang Qiubao(SJTU)
  • Zhang Daxu(SJTU)
  • Fu Gongyi(SJTU)


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Index Hotel Name Price (Yuan/night, approx.) Approx. Linear Distance (km)
1 The Best Western Hotel 480 1.5
2 The Olympic Villiage Garden Hotel 750 0.7
3 The China National Conference Center 600 0.5
4 Marco Polo Parkside Beijing 800 2.0
5 InterContinental Hotels Group 980 1.0
6 Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing 2000 1.5
7 National Astronomical Observatories, CAS, Guest House 280 1.5


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Map: For direction from Airport (A)  to The Best Western Hotel(B),

Mesage: 亚奥国际酒店,北京市朝阳区大屯路甲1号,电话:(010)64874433

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2. The Olympic Villiage Garden Hotel:


Map: For direction from Airport (A)  to Olympic Village Garden Hotel (B),

Mesage: 国奥村花园酒店,朝阳区林萃东路1号院甲1号楼,电话:84373333

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3. The China National Conference Center:


Map: For direction from Airport (A)  to The China National Conference Center(B),

Mesage: 国家会议中心大酒店,北京市朝阳区北辰西路8号院1号楼,电话:84372008

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4. Marco Polo Parkside Beijing:


Map: For direction from Airport (A)  to Marco Polo Parkside Beijing(B),

Mesage: 中奥马哥孛罗大酒店,北京市朝阳区安立路78号, 电话:59636688

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5. InterContinental Hotels Group:


Map: For direction from Airport (A)  to InterContinental Hotels Group(B),

Mesage: 北京北辰洲际酒店,北京市朝阳区北辰西路8号院4号楼, 电话:84371188

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6. Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing:


Map: For direction from Airport (A)  to Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing(B),

Mesage:北京盘古七星酒店,北京市朝阳区北四环中路27号, 电话:5906 7777

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7. National Astronomical Observatories, CAS, Guest House:


Map:For direction from Airport (A) to National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (B). (The guest house is in the middle of NAOC buildings, once the taxi arrives at the observatories, it is easy to be spotted), Taxi fee is about 100 Yuan if there is no traffice jam. If the speed is less than 20km/h for 5 mins it would cost as 1 km, so the price could be doubled if the traffic is not so good.

Mesage: 中科院国家天文台招待所,朝阳区大屯路甲20天地园区(枫林绿洲对面),电话:64888758-0

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