Thirty Meter Telescope-MICHI and China: A workshop on thermal-IR astronomy

On July 16, 2018, a workshop about TMT-MICHI was held in National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (NAOC), Beijing.  
MICHI stands for Mid-IR Camera, High-disperser & IFU spectrograph. This workshop focused on ground-based thermal-IR science that can be done now and the science cases for building a thermal-IR instrument for TMT, harnessing expertise across the TMT partnership.  At this workshop, scientists and engineers discussed the goals and requirements of a thermal-IR instrument from the Chinese TMT community and discuss how our cross-TMT partnership can be leveraged into collaborations to pursue science goals now on existing instruments.  
Prof. Chris Packham (UTSA & NAOJ), Mitsuhiko Honda (Kurume University, Japan), Prof. Gregory Herczeg (PKU, China), Prof. Lei Hao (SHAO, China), TMT-China office and about 20 other Chinese Astronomers and engineers attended the meeting.
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MOBIE 2015 - LOC


Shen Zhixia:

Li Yangpeng:

Feng Lu:



Participant - Final Review of the 2014-2015 WFOS-MOBIE Mini-Studies


  • lan McLean (UCLA, Chair of the review panel)
  • Chris Evans(UK ATC)
  • Scott Roberts(TMT)
  • Fumihide Iwamuro (Kyoto)
  • Abhijit Chakraborty (PRL)
  • Judy Cohen (CIT)
  • Anna Moore (CIT)
  • Naruhisa Takato (Subaru Telescope)
  • Jerry Nelson (TMT Project Scientist, Video)
  • Gary Sanders (TMT Project Manager)
  • Mike Bolte (UCSC)
  • Claire Max (UCO)
  • Alan Tokunaga (University of Hawaii, video)
  • Chris Ratliff (UCO, Video)
  • Adam Contos (Ball Aerospace)
  • Peter Onaka (University of Hawaii)
  • Sandy Faber ( UCSC) 

  • Ravinder Bhatia (TMT Associate Project Manager, Video)

  • Luc Simard (TMT Instrumentation Group Leader)

  • Brent Ellerbroek (TMT Instrumentation Department  Leader)

  • Matt Radovan (MOBIE)

  • Masanori Iye (TMT-J)

  • Shinobu Ozaki (TMT-J)

  • Satoshi Miyazaki (TMT-J)

  • Tomonori Usuda (TMT-J, Video)

  • Hideki Takami (TMT-J, Video)

  • Terada Hiroshi (TMT-J, Video)

  • Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA, Video)

  • Annapurni Subramaniam (India Institute of Astrophysics)

  • Xue Suijian (NAOC, TMT-China Project Manager)
  • Mao Shude (NAOC, TMT-China Project Scientist)
  • Wei Mingzhi (NAOC)
  • Jiang Aimin (NAOC)
  • Song Qian (NAOC)
  • Shen Zhixia (NAOC)
  • Feng Lu (NAOC)
  • Li Yangpeng (NAOC)
  • Wang Yiping (NAOC)
  • Li Zhiping (NAOC)
  • Wang Hongchi (PMO)
  • Zheng Xianzhong (PMO)
  • Chang Liang (YNAO)
  • Hu Zhongwen (NIAOT)
  • Wang Lei(NIAOT)
  • Ji Hangxin(NIAOT)
  • Hou YongHui(NIAOT)
  • Zhu Qingfeng (USTC)
  • Wang Jianping (USTC)
  • Hu Hongzhuan (USTC)
  • Zhai Chao (USTC)
  • Chu Jiaru (USTC)
  • Wang Jian (USTC)
  • Wang Qiuping (USTC)
  • Qiu Keqiang(USTC)
  • Liu Zhengkun(USTC)
  • Du Xuewei(USTC)
  • Fang Taotao (Xiamen Univ.)
  • Zhang Jianhuan(Xiamen Univ.)
  • Yang Huaidong (Tsinghua Univ.)
  • Liu Liqiang (TIPC)
  • Cui Jicheng (CIOMP)
  • Fan Bin (IOE)
  • Fan Xinlong (IOE)
  • Yan Fengtao (IOE)
  • Chen Zhiping (Hangzhou Dianzi Univ.)
  • Fu Yutian (SITP)
  • Xu Chun (SITP)
  • He Hongbo (SIOM)
  • Xu Xueke (SIOM)
  • Qi Hongji (SIOM)
  • Liu Shijie (SIOM)
  • Yi Kui (SIOM)
  • Song Zhensen(SJTU)
  • Ouyang Qiubao(SJTU)
  • Zhang Daxu(SJTU)
  • Fu Gongyi(SJTU)

Agenda - Final Review of the 2014-2015 WFOS-MOBIE Mini-Studies

Day 1 – Tuesday April 14th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:00 Welcome and Introductions (Simard)
08:05 Objectives, Organization, Schedule (Simard)
08:15 Overview of WFOS-MOBIE (Radovan)
08:45 OPT/STL Mini-study - "End to end optical design and stray light" (Konidaris)
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 CAM Mini-study - "Spectrograph Camera Systems" (Ozaki)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 SYS Mini-study - "Instrument Modelling" (Radovan/Mahesh/Daxu)
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 MOT Mini-study"Motion Controllers" (Parihar/Lanclos/Yamada)
18:15 Adjourn Day 1
Day 2 - Wednesday April 15th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:30 MCS Mini-study - "Metrology, Calibrations and Simulations" (Faber/Thirupathi)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 ADC Mini-study - "Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector" (Chao)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 WGS Mini-study - "Acquisition, Guiding and Wavefront Sensing" (Zhu/Subramanian) viagra over the counter
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 MEX Mini-study - "Mask Exchanger System" (Zhou/Wang)
18:00 Adjourn
19:30 Review Dinner
Day 3 - Thursday April 16th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:30 COL Mini-study - "Off-Axis Collimator Mirror" (Ji)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 FOS Mini-study - "Folding Optical System" (He/Liu)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 GEX Mini-study - "Grating Exchange System" (Zhang/Ratliff)
15:45 Coffee break
16:00 DET Mini-study - "Science Detectors" (Onaka/Song)
18:00 Adjourn
Day 4 - Friday April 17th (location: NAOC, A601)
08:30 Close-out discussion with review panel
11:30 Verbal de-brief
12:30 End of review





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